I’m sitting here watching the rain gently falling. I can hear the birds and trickle of water. Today is such a contrast for me in comparison to yesterday. There was so much movement and doing yesterday. Places I had to be, organising care for my kids and booking in clients, the usual earthly requirements of living. But today when i’m not so easily distracted by practicality and destinations I find myself dancing within the realms of peace. Which perhaps this wording does not quite do these sensations justice for they neither dance within me nor I within them but somewhere that is the fusion of both and neither.

Peace invites me into a deep merging with it. As I go deeper, I become aware of a new vibration – harmony. And of course, never far away from these is love. They teach me in this moment that they are always there. They teach me in the inner spaces but also in the outer. They show me the vibrant colours of the plants when contrasted by the cloud cover and rain. They show me that they are always there, available to bring us into their world of colour and visual splendor.

Peace is the same. It is always there, the frequencies flowing through us. When we meditate and enter mindfulness or other similar states of calm and awareness we are tuning ourselves into these frequencies. Some may read this and think it is very obvious information. Where I want to go with this is, why not access it in our times of need and stress? When we are in a challenging moment with our partners, children or work mates. Why not close our eyes and breath into peace? Why not ask it to guide us through these challenges so we can act from the places of our highest selves? Stress feels so small and claustrophobic, why not take a moment to step into the expansiveness of the divine which will flow through and take us to a place of loving resolution. No more regret or guilt or backtracking and mess cleaning.

To completely step onto this path is to learn a new skill and self patience is required for the learning of any new skill. But all is available to us and peace is simply too delicious not to want to be enjoyed in every moment.