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What is it to breathe the feminine?

The feminine is such a widely talked about topic in today’s world. But what does that mean for us personally? How do we incorporate the teachings on a practical level into our daily lives? Come and share with me, a moment of insight and as you journey with me, feel her within you.

The End of a Cycle

Its been an epic 7 year journey. So in my own way I have debriefed so I can move forward. This is a blog summarizing my experience with Kailey these last 7 years. I’m now learning how epic this has been as I balance out the karma between Kailey and I in this life. It’s only now

Does The Ordeal Ever End

My birthday fast approaches and I can't help but feel exhausted by the fact i'm only 34. I feel as though I have lived a million lifetimes. I remember watching the movie Adrift (a movie about a woman who was lost at sea for months before being rescued) and was balling...

Peace   I'm sitting here watching the rain gently falling. I can hear the birds and trickle of water. Today is such a contrast for me in comparison to yesterday. There was so much movement and doing yesterday. Places I had to be, organising care for my kids and...

Tit for Tat

Tit for Tat

I had a wonderful dream last night. I received a beautiful warm druid styled cloak from a woman I barely knew. So wonderful! However when I woke up I felt a strong desire to write about retaliation. It's such a curious thing, revenge and retaliation. It often comes...

21 Days of Transformation – Days 1 and 2

21 Days of Transformation - Days 1 and 2   Day 1  NB: I am going to come in and out of past and present as I edit this for the blog as I will put in things I remember as I look back but I don't want to take away from the purity of the experience as much of these...

Contrast on the path of Expansion

Contrast on the path of Expansion

How do we know the full experience of limitlessness without first experiencing limitation? How do we completely understand being one in unity with all that is without first experiencing and knowing separation? Contrast shows us the difference between the two through the physical experience. One of the biggest questions I have stumbled across on the path is “now that I know I am limited, how do I cross over into expansion?”

21 Days of Transformation – Prelude

21 DAYS OF TRANSFORMATION PRELUDE What an epic journey this was. I have had some pivotal moments in my life, those moments when you reach the end and realise you are no longer the same person. You have changed. This 21 day - section in my life is one of them. I had...


Fear It's an untapped power.   I hear it. In my mind, the echos of patterns that are deeply ingrained in my being. To be afraid. Back down. Run away. Make myself smaller. Doubt myself. Be small. Fit in. Don't try. Give up. This isn't going to work. Don't bother....

Flowing with life..

 We all have moments when we feel stuck, flat, exhausted, blocked, like we’re swimming upstream. Moments of pain, life is against us. Our emotions are guiding our life. What about feeling free, flowing, grounded. Solid within ourselves, centered in life and firmly in the flow? This is our natural state of being after all. This is what Spinal Flow does. It retrains the body (specifically the nervous system), by bringing in more flow/wave/chi/life force/oxygen whatever words you choose. 

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