About Nioda


I received my name in 2019, in a place in between dreaming and waking. It means “natural and free” they said. And every day since I have been watching my freedom unfold before my eyes by seeing where the illusions of entrapment lie.

I am called to the path of service and thus through my work I live part of my purpose, to not only feel free but to empower people to find their own freedom. We all have innate wisdom. We all have the ability to heal. It’s part of my journey to help people to believe in themselves and untangle the many layers inside system of the body.

I truly enjoy working with the body and mind together. The body is a registry of everything we have encountered and a map of how we do life. The body is only ever present. It holds our past traumas in present time. That’s why some people feel like they’re living in the past or they can’t escape the past. They can’t, because its playing out in their body every day. When we heal the body we are changing our future and paving a road of ease and flow in our lives.

I practice radical non judgement, in general in my life but especially in my work practice. This is because I have failed, experienced trauma, hate and anger. Been depressed, suicidal and abrasive. I have experienced the broad spectrum of emotions. I have felt the pain, guilt and shame in my body until it moved to the light. I have lived in fear and I have cried until dehydration. I have also turned my life around, discovered my power and who I am. This is why I practice radical non judgement. Because I have been there. In the trenches, experiencing it all until I was rendered unable to judge.

It’s not all love and light. It’s work. Effort. My role is to support your work so you can get to where you want to go. This is an absolute pre-requisite to whom I will work with. I have a strong belief against “letting go” of things and rather move into them. I have no fear of going where the ego does not want to go. That being said, I also have deep respect for the psyche and don’t push but rather, invite.

In addition to life’s teachings and some serious inner work, I have received formal training in Shamanic Practice and Spinal Flow Technique and I am nearing the end of my Diploma of Counselling studies and Certificate IV in Nutrition.

After coming out of many deep initiations, personal hells and dark nights of the soul, I feel so strongly the call to help and support others. I am passionate about supporting parents. If you are a parent who is struggling and reading this, I invite you to call me. I have a strong focus on you finding yourself again. It is only from this place that you can tune into the needs of your children and find the resources you need to sail freely through that journey.

I am a mother, creative spirit and passionate about self discovery, self empowerment and food as medicine. I love the magic of shamanism and practice daily. I absolutely love writing which is why I have kept it quite brief and simple here as I go into far greater detail through my blog entries which can be located here. If you are curious to know more about my parenting journey, I have written about some of it here.

I am dedicated to the quest of self discovery and the ever flowing pursuit of happiness.

Blessings xx