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Q: Are you a Shaman?


A: No I am not. Whilst I walk this world deeply connected to spirit and feel I have one foot on either side of the veil I believe a true Shaman to be someone who has been born into the lineage or raised and taught under the guidance of an elder Shaman, deeply connected to the roots of the earth.


Q: What is an Extraction?


A: There is much we don’t see and therefore don’t pay attention to. There is much floating around so to speak in the ether. Among this can be found spiritual intrusions. The negative thoughts directed towards us by other members of society. Just as we go outside and pick up a cold or flu so can we go outside and pick up spiritual bugs.  They aren’t evil just like the ants who come into your home aren’t evil. You simply want them gone.

An extraction is a way of removing  the intrusions using an altered state of consciousness done through a drum beat. You may be intrigued to know what the things being removed are, what they look like etc. but this does not benefit your healing so this is information that I do not pass on. All I will say is that I have removed them so your mind may focus on that and therefore expedite your healing.


Q: What is a Soul Portion Retrieval?


A: I won’t re-write the wheel here so I will paste an excerpt from the website written by Michael Harner:

“Anyone who’s had a trauma, from a shamanic point of view, may have had some loss of their soul. By soul we mean the spiritual essence essential throughout one’s life as we describe life in our culture, which is from conception or birth to the time of death. The techniques for healing soul loss are soul-retrieval techniques, and one of the classic shamanic methods is to go searching for that lost portion of the soul and restore it.

Until about 8 years ago, most people in the Western world felt that soul retrieval was a superstitious practice that had no validity, but things have turned. I must say that a major reason is the work of my colleague, Sandra Ingerman, the author of Soul Retrieval and Coming Home. During her shamanic practice in Santa Fe, NM, years ago, women who had had significant childhood abuse would mention in the course of the sessions that they had removed themselves psychically from the situation at the time of abuse. Sandra immediately recognized, as a practicing shaman, that the person’s soul to some degree had left the body (if it had left completely, the person would have been dead), and therefore the logical thing was to retrieve the lost portion of the soul and bring it back. So she then started doing soul retrieval for these people who had had significant childhood traumas, and the results were astounding. Today, this work is an important part of shamanic healing practice in the West.

Indeed, if you ask a group of people, “How many of you feel you’ve lost part of your soul?” it’s typical that everybody raises their hand. At some deep level, there is a natural awareness of this problem. By the way, even a minor trauma can result in some degree of soul loss and can be treated.


Q: What is journeying?


A: Journeying is the art of reaching an altered state of consciousness through rhythm and intention. It is used to visit and connect with the spiritual realms.


Q: How do I know if I need a Shamanic Practitioner?


A: I personally believe all healing should be done holistically. Holistically in the sense of pursuing every form and modality, whether western, eastern or other that you feel drawn to. Go with your gut (legally I have to say to always consult your General Health Practitioner before making any decisions so let that be known here).

The practices and services that I offer have been known to assist with the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Pain
  • Muscle soreness
  • General feeling of “not being with it”
  • General feeling of not feeling grounded and spacey


Q: I feel like I should stop taking my prescribed medication, should I?


A: You should always consult your General Practitioner Doctor before making any changes to your medication.



Everything in the Universe is within you.

Ask all from yourself.

- Rumi

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