We live in a comfortable, instant gratification society. Most of us do anyway. We are always seeking comfort in one way or another. And why not, it feels good! But uncomfortable things happen. Stuff happens. Life happens. Change and growth come upon us whether we want it, ready or not.

So what happens when we are in a situation that isn’t comfortable? Such as not being able to meet the mortgage repayments, sickness, can’t find a place to live, can’t find a job, relationship problems, hate your current job, feel like you don’t have enough money, feel like you don’t have enough time. The proverbial rug has been snatched from under your feet.

Do you fall or do you fly?

There’s SOOOO much emphasis on how to be comfortable, so much so that we REALLY notice it when we aren’t comfortable anymore and suddenly we don’t know what to do. We haven’t learnt how to be in this space. It feels wrong because it’s not comfortable and so resistance kicks in. We fight against it, we get stressed, angry, lose sleep. Our worlds turn upside down.

 What if we were taught the skills required to breeze through discomfort? If we came out the other side – because there is ALWAYS the other side, with grace? What if we started to find comfort in discomfort? How would that change your world?

What if we were able to feel the deep joy of discomfort because it almost ALWAYS brings about something so magnificent, so wonderful words cannot possibly articulate. The big moments are the best moments. That is when we are learning. We are growing and changing. Lights are switching on inside of us, lighting us up. Of course it doesn’t feel like that because our minds say to resist. They say it’s wrong.

When I look back at my own situations, I definitely did NOT handle them well. I had no idea what was going on. This is a bad thing isn’t it? I had the pattern of reaching out for pity because I was in a bad situation. I was attached to it. It was apart of me. When I resisted the unknown I created a bigger mess of things in my relationships. If only I knew to look for the growth! Or how to let go! If only I was certain it would end. If only I could see every uncomfortable situation was a mere stepping stone to my happiness AND what I had been asking for!

When the rug was pulled out from under me I fell. And fell. And fell. Until I realised I was sick of constantly being in pain. Carrying the pain of internal suffering.

The things tripping me up and holding me to the ground was the need to be in control of what was happening. The need to be seen as something great and important. To protect my identity. In my relationships it was a need to defend myself. The need to protect my image. To protect and defend my actions.

Then comes the opportunity to fly. To let go of all that. It’s a heavy weight to carry and somehow once realised it’s there, so peaceful to just surrender and let go. 

I look at the people who are challenging in my life and see them as doorways to happiness. When they bring their stress and disharmony I enjoy the challenge of seeing where I am at with things. I practice sensing within myself my compassion for them, my love for them. My understanding for what is going on for them in their world, for I have been there in that place of anger and stress. And with the door wide open, I walk through it and touch something so deep within myself I can only describe it as the undercurrent of pure love that is ever flowing. Through this, I notice a change in them too. The love that I touch when I walk through that doorway is gifted to them too (most times) and so it flows out into the world. 

Imagine if you could come out of an argument or situation feeling stronger (not in the unbalanced masculine domination kind of way, more the feminine empowered way), more centred, more at peace and more present. Imagine if you could put stress in a box and send it out to the universe with no return to sender. Imagine if you could feel deep peace when experiencing upheaval and disharmony? Imagine if you held great clarity? Like water flowing over a rock, nothing moves you but you become smoother and one with the stream of life.

It’s amazing how freeing it is to simply let go. Let go of the need to be right. Let go of the unnecessary things. If you feel defensive, ask yourself why? Do you need to hold onto that? It is possible to hold your boundaries and power without fighting and harming another with words.

All it calls for is honesty with yourself and a stock take of what’s there and what’s ready to leave.

It is definitely possible my friends. And with a little bit of work and practice it is achievable also, it is a power not reserved for the enlightened, it is available to anyone at any time. So for anyone holding this desire, welcome to finding comfort in your uncomfortable moments. Welcome.