Lost & Found

I walked the earth in misery

from sky to earth, land to sea.

Bound by chains of emotion

I could not bear that wanton ocean.

For days and nights I thought “i’m lost”

Unsteady the mind as it turned and tossed

A wreck! a mess! I’ve ventured to an unknown land

And then outstretched, there lay a hand

seen not without but within

where all great change can begin

And with it I sensed a new sensation

one of hope, peace and elation

At first quite faint and small

but with more focus it snowballed

into something powerful as ever I knew

that cast the shadows and revealed the truth

and I saw myself as I forgot I was

bright and shining, a loving force.

How could I forget?

This land, it does strange things to the head.

Forget you not my dear one

this journey isn’t just for fun

to remember, that’s the glue

that will connect again, me to you.