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Body Based Treatments

Spinal Flow

Experience the magic that Spinal Flow which combines the art and science of the body to release both physical and emotional blockages in the body without the need to go into the story behind anything

Body Mapping


 Reconnect body and mind back together again. Beneficial for both physical ailments and for those who would like to explore emotional and spiritual blockages as well.


Taking it a little deeper

(general support)

General Support

This is a 13 week program designed to meet your own personal needs depending on what it is you would like to achieve. It is for people who would like to put in a little effort to achieve their goals such as making more time for themselves or creating the space to do and fulfill whatever comes up in the session.

Parent Support

This is a 13 week program designed to put you back in touch with the essence of yourself. Its through our intuition that we can know with confidence when to connect, when to hold a boundary and to be deeply in tune with our kids and our own needs. It is a very gentle and you centered program that comes with zero judgement.

Dream Connection

This is a 13 week program designed to deepen your connection to self through the dream space, no matter how connected (or disconnected) you are from your dreams. The dream space is a powerful place to receive insight and guidance into your life situation and can keep you in a place of knowing with life as opposed to stumbling through blindly. 

Intensive Care and Going Deeper


For those that truly feel lost, down and out. Perhaps your past experiences are weighing you down so heavily you can barely function in life, perhaps your struggles are so great, it’s overwhelming trying to work out where to begin. This is the highest level of care available. Come and be held by a community of healers who will see you through to the other side.

Deep Dive


 Have you attended enough entry-level workshops, read enough books and are now wanting a space where you can explore the depths of yourself? This is for those who are truly committed and are ready to make the time and space container to take their spiritual explorations to the next level


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