Body Mapping

$95 one hour session



This session works by remapping the body/mind connection to either solely relieve pain and tension

or you can choose for the work to take you into a deeper connection with your own inner wisdom and personal transformation.

Through the use of touch and deep visualisation, it unlocks and releases any stagnant emotions and blockages.

This work allows for clarity and peace of mind. It is clearing, cleansing and empowering.


What to expect in a Body Mapping Session:

– It is fully clothed. Loose clothing is best for your own comfort.

– You will sit and/or lay down on a massage table.

– I will work on your body using a combination of tapping, pressure and deep visualisation.

– The pressure can be modified to suit your preferences.

I offer a satisfaction Money Back Guarantee for Body Mapping because I truly believe in this work.

This work is done solely guided by Spirit and Intuition with no formal qualification or training.

Client Experiences:


“I came in feeling generally lost and overwhlemed in life. I also had pain in my hips and shoulders. Through this work I feel more confident in myself, I have released a lot of my past that I had been holding onto and my body and mind feel lighter and more free.”


“I had intense pain in my hip as I had just thrown it out. After 1 session, the pain was gone and everything had gone back to normal.”


“I had been holding onto 2 situations for many, many years. I had been wanting to let them go but didn’t know how. I had a session and they both released, I felt it instantly.”


“I just had a headache that I had been carrying all day. I was pretty shocked at how quickly it went.”


“It’s been a pretty big journey. Lot’s of tears, things coming up and leaving. Pretty deep stuff that must have been ready to go. I’m still on the journey, going deeper and deeper and simultaneously feeling lighter and lighter.”

Everything in the Universe is within you.

Ask all from yourself.

- Rumi

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