Rock Divination

$80 1.5 hours


Shamanic cultures have always used divination in highly practical ways. They’ve used it to determine how to prevent or cure illness, for example, or to see which way the hunters should set out in order to avoid enemies and find food. They looked to and read the signs that are always around us in nature. The shamans of these tribes therefore became adept at using divination to ensure the survival of the communities they served.

One of the best-known methods of divination using the elements of the natural world is the stone gazing technique of the Lakota Sioux. The shaman used a stone about the size of his palm that had at least four sides or faces. Even the act of finding the stone was done in a reverential and sacred manner, in the recognition that all things are alive, sentient, aware, and offer themselves to us out of friendship and a desire to help. The Sioux themselves have an expression which sums up the proper relationship of human beings to “the stone people” and other natural allies: mitakuye oyasin- they are “all my relations.”


In a Rock Divination Session I will ask you to choose a rock to bring with you. I will be facilitating a connection between yourself, nature and your own inner wisdom that lies within you. You have the power to read the signs of nature to help you on your path and this experience will help to you to grow stronger in doing that.


Everything in the Universe is within you.

Ask all from yourself.

- Rumi

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