Spinal Flow

Individual Session

$100 for an initial consult

$45 for a 45 minute group session

$70 for approx. 45 mins for every session thereafter




These sessions are done by first assessing the spine and body to see where the blockages (emotional, physical or chemical) show up physically.

Once this has been done, the access points (located in the sacrum and head area) are then lightly touched. This process is a different experience for everyone, however it is also essentially the same. More of yourself is brought into the body by the body. It recognises and feels its original state of being and works to bring more of that into its residence and does so by removing what blocks it all on its own.

By touching the access points the nervous system is retrained to be in a state of ease and flow.


What to expect in a Spinal Flow Session:

– It is fully clothed. Loose clothing is best for your own comfort (no denim).

– I will take an optional before photo and another after 12 sessions so you can see the difference in your body.

– You will lay down on a massage table.

– I will touch the access points mentioned above and support your body and mind through the journey.

– Some people may experience involuntary movement such as twitching and reflex actions.

– Some people may experience more breath coming into their body or a deep sense of peace and love.

– You may leave the session feeling lighter, dreamy, spacey, raw or feeling very grounded.

– Some deep emotions can come up. It is advised that, depending on your journey and reason for coming, you clear the rest of your day and schedule in rest and you time following a session.


Client Experiences

“Since I started coming here, I don’t what it does but my back is feeling better, more free”

“My asthma symptoms have subsided and my back pain is easing”

“I had such strange sensations, I felt my throat open like I could breathe for the first time”

“It feels like such a deep journey of self. I’m connecting with my body for the first time in years”

“When I got off the table, (my thoughts are normally racing) I had no words. No words because I had no thoughts, it felt strange but entirely grounding”

“I feel more readily able to take on life”


Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: Each individual is different and it depends on what you are trying to achieve and additionally, how long the ailment/experience has been in the body. As a general rule of thumb, you will know how you feel and it’s up to you how long you would like to continue for however I will do a reassessment after 12 sessions which includes an optional follow up photo so you can see the changes in your posture and body”

Q: What can I expect to feel?

A: Everyone is different. Some people have their body move (sometimes involuntarily), some people feel deep peace and love, others feel more breath in the body. Often people experience some unusual sensations during the session (such as feeling like you’re swimming). Every experience is unique and individual and it’s best to go into the session with no expectations knowing it is a safe and held space for anything that comes up.

Q: What do I wear?

A: Something comfortable. Please no jeans as it is hard for me to feel the access points. Tights (or similar fabric) are easiest for me to feel the body.