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We live in a world where there is an overload of information and advice. Everyone seems to be an expert in something. It can cause one to question what is right for them. Especially when the advice comes from one who is esteemed in their field. It’s so easy to hand over our power and lose our grip on our own internal and innate guidance. Who is supporting that? It’s easy to say trust your gut, but when your mind is overloaded by the outside world, it can be hard to hear what your gut instincts are telling you to trust.

When you learn to tune in to and trust your intuition EVERYTHING changes

There are lots of different ways to dial back the discordant noises of out there and hone in on the current of wisdom that is within you always. Because there are so many ways to do this, I encourage you to read through just a couple of pathways that I offer and see if they feel right for you.

We are all searching for expansion, looking to go beyond our own limitations. What if one way to find happiness is not just by knowing yourself but also creating a deep and meaningful relationship with the inner most part of you that knows all and is connected to everything? To paraphrase the famous words of Rumi, everything you need is already contained within you.

Due to the current Public Health Order I am unable to offer in-person sessions. I’m excited to say I am now working online and will be able to work with you via Zoom. Please see some of my programs below. Or click here to view my full range of services

intuition coaching

Dream Work

Our dreams are an untapped potential for direct contact with the aether and deep personal insight. This work goes much deeper than the symbols in dream interpretation of old and looks to deepen the connection with you and the wisdom within. It is a journey of self discovery, using dreams as a pathway.

Journey into the deepest parts of yourself or book a 1:1 Dream Analysis with Nioda to get clarity around the meaning of your dreams.

Spinal Flow

For those who want to experience the magic of pure Spinal Flow


General Support

This is for people who feel they are wanting a little more than just body work. A little more than just taking away any physical pain but also wanting relief from emotional pain or old stories. For people who would like a little held space to explore and unpack things contained within themselves.


Intensive Care

This is for people who are in dire need and who feel ready to heal themselves. This is a fully held and supported program which includes optional meals if you choose so you can take the time you need to focus on your healing.


Parenting Support

This is a whole other passion of mine. There is so much info out there about how to “be a good parent” what about taking back the layers and finding they already reside in you!

Your innate nature already knows what to do and how to handle every situation! This program aims to put you back in touch with the parent you want to be.

(which is already within you)

Hello! I’m Nioda

Space holder. Seeker. Mother.

I have lived 2 lives. The first one experienced pain, trauma, depression, aggression and all the other things that live on the dark side of life. My second one (which I am now currently living) experiences joy, happiness, bliss and serenity in most moments (even the challenging ones). I didn’t think it possible, but it is and now I want to help you get there too. But not in the way you might think.

My Expertise

Dream Connection Nioda Whitefeather


My biggest passion of all is helping you to reconnect to you, no matter what your current situation. Whether you only have physical pain and you want to get back to pain free living, whether you’ve done lots of work already and are needing a bit of support in a particular area or whether life has stretched you in every direction and you don’t you know who you are any more – at the end of the day we all just want to experience life from the highest point – Pain free, liberated and connected.

Getting Started is Easy!

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My Approach

I am very gentle in my approach and no matter what type of session you are having I allow things to go in whatever direction they need to. I never force anything upon anyone, inclusive of judgements. I have a deep respect for the human journey and everything that comes with that. I like to symbolically hold your hand and walk through the journey together to reach your destination. My personal intentions are that you leave the journey feeling fully empowered and deeply connected.

"I had multiple sessions with Nioda and she was beautifully intuitive and gentle with me. She was also extremely flexible and understanding of my needs due to a chronic health condition. After each session I felt rested and like I could breathe more fully and with my whole body. I also had better neck movement. Thanks Nioda!"

Gayle Hallam October 2021

"I am so blessed to have found Nioda ' her amazing techniques have created huge shifts in my world . I have found a new sense of energy & peace which I haven't found before ' my food cravings have cleared dramatically & her wisdom in nutrition has been so helpful as well as the shamanic intuition that presents throughout her treatments. I always leave feeling a little lighter & more nourished every time. Looking forward to my next appointment ???"

Holly Wyman October 2021

"Having never heard of Spinal Flow before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my sessions with Nioda. I was so amazed at the depth and power of this work… I am barely able to get up from the table at the end of the session I am so relaxed… Almost like I’ve been transported to another dimension in session. Nioda has a beautiful way about her and has managed to significantly improve not only my mood each session, but also the pain in my chest and lower back (which I have had for many years). I highly recommend Nioda to anyone interested in moving deeper into the wisdom of their own body in a fully supported way ❤️"

Christina Urso-Cale

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Spinal Flow Technique?

Yes I do, however I cannot offer SFT while the current mandate is in place. I can otherwise offer SFT both on its own and in conjunction with the other work I do.

What are the online programs like?

Each program is a unique way of exploring yourself with its own individual flavour. Whether you would like to explore the inner workings of yourself through your dreams, parenting or otherwise, each program is designed to put you back in touch with your own innate wisdom.

I have looked through your website. How do I know what to book in for?

If you are feeling not quite sure, please book in a free 20 minute chat with me and we can discuss the best options for you.

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